Indiana Driver’s Ed Common Questions

Original Source was Indiana BMV

Indiana Driver Education – Student’s Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start driving in the car with my parents?
If you are enrolled in a driver education course, once you have received your learner’s permit AND the course has actually started, then you can legally drive with your parents.  If you are at least 16 years old and not taking a driver education course, once you have received your learner’s permit you can start practice driving with your parents.

If I take an online driver education classroom course, can I drive with my parents once I start that course? Can I drive with them when I finish the course?
The online providers cannot issue a certificate of driver education (CDE) form which is required to get your learner’s permit.  You must sign up at a licensed driver education school for the six (6) hours of behind the wheel training to receive the CDE and then your permit. You cannot drive at all until you have obtained your learner’s permit.

If I start driver education and get my permit, then stop going to driver education (or stop doing an online course) can I keep driving on my permit?
The online programs and the licensed schools are required to keep track of your progress in the course.  If you stop attending (or participating online), they will first try to contact you to find out why. If they can’t contact you, or if you don’t respond, they will contact the BMV and have your permit invalidated. If you continue to drive and are stopped by law enforcement or are involved in a collision, you could be cited for operating a vehicle without a valid license. This could also affect your ability to get a new permit/license.

When can I start driving with my parents after I get my permit?
Once you have your permit you can drive with your parents once you have attended the first class (classroom or behind the wheel) of your driver education course.

If I start a driver education course with one school, then decide to switch to another school, can I transfer the work that I have completed or do I have to start over?
Current rules allow for the transfer of classroom instruction from one school to another where the behind the wheel phase will be completed.  However, this is contingent upon the second school accepting the course work and records from the first school.  The second school then becomes the school of record.

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